Concrete Finish for Crawl Spaces
Crawl Space Encapsulation

Stop your crawl space rodent, radon and moisture problems and solve it permanently.

With the special blend of concrete for application in tight spaces, we seal all exposed dirt surfaces under your home with?vapor barrier and 3-4? inch thick permanent rigid concrete (minimum 3400 psi strength) encapsulation. It is the only material to provide a 100% guarantee of rodent control, while adding structural integrity to your foundation for a lifetime. Whether the space under your entire house, or just a small dirt area off of your basement, you will:

  • Add clean and dry storage space
  • Eliminate foul and musty odors
  • Stop rodents
  • Prevent moisture and moisture related damage
  • Stop or reduce hazardous gases
  • Save on heating and cooling cost
  • Enjoy a cleaner and healthier living environment
  • Increase the value of your home