Foundation Crack Repair

Learn About Each Step Of The Process


You Notice A Problem

Is there a foundation crack that is leaking water into your basement, or a crack that you are concerned about?

Do not wait until the crack gets worse. Water seepage destroys your carpet, walls and furniture and trapped moister leads to mold and musty smell.


We Come To You

After setting up the appointment we come to you to investigate the issues you have in your home.

Our professional crew will assess the crack and decide the best way to fix the crack explaining the process to the homeowner. Most small projects we fix right away if time is allowed.


Procced With The Crack Repair

We use one out of three industry standard methods to repair foundation cracks:

  1. Epoxy crack injection. Structural crack repair for wide gaps
  2. Polyurethane crack injection. Repairs actively leaking cracks
  3. Exterior crack repair. Seals the crack from outside by preventing water entering the basement but DOES NOT repair the crack

Enjoy Your Dry Basement

We stand behind our work and guarantee the foundation crack repair is done with the highest professionalism and the water seepage is permanently sealed by giving a lifetime transferable warranty.

Not too many pros, if any, can offer that. Look for the best to get the best?


Get Massive Discount On Multiple Projects

With this service you get all the professionalism you will ever need to rest assured against the water seepage. Have a question? Click the button.